Website Security for Small BusinessesIf you’re a webmaster or a small business owner with a website, you need to know the essential security practices necessary to protect your website from attackers and downtime. “Website Security for Small Businesses” describes in detail twelve essential website security practices including:

  • Tips to protect your website from attackers who want to deface or destroy it
  • How to keep your website from being blacklisted by Google and other search engines
  • How to enable HTTPS to encrypt traffic to and from your site (and get preferential search rank treatment from Google)
  • How to get a free security seal for your site
  • A free service that protects your site from downtime
  • And much more!

This eBook is perfect for small business owners who know they need to secure their websites but may not know exactly what to do or have the staff to do it. But “Website Security for Small Businesses” isn’t just for webmasters or small business owners. Anyone with an interest in keeping their website secure will want to read this eBook.